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Class IDDescriptionDateCityFeeSID
20182018 2018 201820182018
OSHA 510Standards for Construction IndustryJul 9-12Tempe $765126484
OSHA 2264Permit Reguired Confined Space Entry Jul 16-18Tempe $695126487
OSHA 501Trainer Course General IndustryJul 16-18Tucson AZ$765126488
OSHA 511OSHA Standards for General IndustryJul 23-26Tempe $765126490
OSHA 503Update for General Industry Trainers Jul 30-Aug 1Tempe $525126493
OSHA 500Trainer Course for the Construction IndustryAug 6-9Tempe $765126497
OSHA 2045Machine Guarding Aug 13-16Tempe $765126502
OSHA 501Trainer Course General IndustryAug 20-23Tempe $765126505
OSHA 503Update for General Industry Trainers Aug 20-22Tucson AZ$525126660
OSHA 502 Trainer Update Construction Industry Outreach TrainersAug 27-29Tempe $525126508
OSHA 3085Principles of ScaffoldingSept 12-14Tempe $695127664
Safety Inspection TechniquesSept 24-26Tempe$695126516
OSHA 7505Introduction to Incident (Accident) InvestigationSept 27Tempe$250126518
OSHA 510Standards for Construction IndustryOct 1-4Tempe$765126520
OSHA 511Standards for General IndustryOct 8-11Tempe$765126523
OSHA 7105Introduction to Evacuation and Emergency PlanningOct 12Tempe$250126923
OSHA 502Trainer Update Construction Industry Outreach TrainersOct 15-17Tempe$765126526
OSHA 3015Excavation, Trenching and Soil MechanicsOct 15-17Tucson AZ$695128498
OSHA 3095Electrical Low Voltage Standards FederalOct 22-25Tempe$765126528
Electrical Safety Standards - NFPA 70E - 1 DayOct 26Tempe$395126530
OSHA 500Trainer Course for Construction IndustryOct 2--Nov 1Tempe$765126531
OSHA 501Trainer Course for General IndustryNov 5-8 Tempe$765126535
OSHA 3115Fall ProtectionNov 13-16Tempe$765126537
OSHA 3015Excavation, Trenching and Soil MechanicsNov 26-28Tempe$765126539
OSHA 503Update for General Industry Trainers Dec 3-5Tempe$525126541
OSHA 6000 Collateral Duty Course for Other Federal AgenciesDec 10-13Tempe$765126543

Classroom Schedule

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